HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 22nd April

hukd_logob1 As the popular rhyme says, Thursday’s Child is a David Bowie song. The Thin White Dame has been quiet over the past few years – but maybe today’s bargains will rouse him from his slumber.

Go to HotUKDeals for more of this kind of thing and you too can look like Thursday’s child, or David Bowie.

662012As the popular song says, these boots were made for walkin’ – but that was just a song, and only idiots sing songs. THESE boots however, were definitely made for walking.

They’re Timberland boots, as worn by idiot singer Justin Timberland. Normally, they’d be £89.99 but you can get them for as little as only £34.53 at the moment. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you… or down the shops for some fags.

661910Next… BOO! Did that scare you? If it did, you should steer clear of what we’ve got to show you. It’s a ball-achingly frightening collection of seven Nightmare On Elm Street films, on scary shiny silver DVD discs.

What’s even more frightening is that it’s only £8.99 for the set! That’s so amazing and frightening at the same time that our fingers have turned to jelly! heflref34iorunhferrtkl4’wgv fvd f lertj er rrjgjt 25t’3’ngdkf!!!!!

661840Finally today, a staggering broadband offer, but only if you’re a mobile customer of O2. By that we mean ‘mobile’ as in ‘mobile phone’ and not as in ‘bedridden.’

It’s O2 broadband for the meagre sum of just £7.50 per month, and if that wasn’t good enough, there’s three months free and £70 cashback – which means your broadband will be £2.50 for an ENTIRE YEAR! Jlkhfislhfileilufyuieufdb cd vj nsdobnead cvjawdcbadjskbfjk!!!!!!

Oh, non-O2 customers can apply too, but they’ll pay a bit more.

(deals found by HUKD members hdizzle, whizzkid and itsadeal)


  • JGN
    you got the 02 broadband bit wrong.. you actually get paid £2.50 (i.e. -£2.50 for the year) 1 year: 3 months free £7.50 x 9 months = £67.50 £70 cashback = -£2.50 for the year
  • macmonkey13
    Who'd have thought that jelly fingers helps you to accurately name two more Icelandic volcanoes...

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