HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 3rd July er, no, August. Yes, that's better.

When we think of the archetypal Bitterwallet reader, we imagine someone who is a keen broadband user, wears Burberry perfume and has no sense of direction. Admit it, that’s you isn’t it?

Amazingly, today’s best bargains are aimed just at him/her/you – and there’s plenty more like these over at HotUKDeals

We kick off today with the offer of a year’s worth of broadband for only £13.40. Yes, that’s for the entire year! The deal is with O2 but you’ll need to be an existing customer with them to get the full saving.

Your first two months are free and you can claw back a hefty lump of your monthly subscription fee if you apply through Quidco. Tick all the boxes and you’ll be getting your broadband for about £1.12 a month.

Next comes the aforementioned Burberry scent, Burberry London to be precise, and part of the For Her gift set. We’re expecting a flurry of lame chav jokes on the back of this one, so please don’t let us down.

It’s been spotted at just £4.99 for the complete gift set, even though the 30ml bottle of whiff usually retails for about £25. So even your local pig-thick chav should be able to work out that it’s a good deal.

Lastly comes the Navigo 3.5" Version 3 Sat Nav – containing UK maps, lane navigation, postcode searching and a TFT flat touch screen. If that’s not enough for you, it also plays MP3 & MP4.

We’re no expect, but that array of technological wizardry reads like something we’d probably pay around… ooh, £7,000 for. But you’re smarter than us and you won’t have to because it’s retailing for just £42.99. Plus it’s available online, so you won’t get lost on your way to the shop to get one.

(deals found by HUKD members xxnic0laxx, LuraBee and hermanjelmet)


  • Joff
    My sense of direction is very good thankyouverymuch.
  • Dert
    HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 3rd July By Andy Dawson Humm bit of an add date that, maybe its the chav element coming through becuase of the deal being burberry
  • Andy D.
    Thanks Dert.
  • AdamK
    Permission to be a smug pedant and point out it's not 3rd July? I'll even through in the traditional typos that all smug pedants allways seem too make when pointing out other peoples's typos...
  • AdamK
    Curses, my smug pedantry was too late. Damn this Burberry perfume getting in my eyes and affecting my sense of direction so I couldn't find my computer.
  • Mike e.
    nice chav specific DOTD there Andy. Whilst the chav sits at home they can look on the internet for £1/month to find best deals, then slap on some burberry, get in their Corsa and fuck off to find the deal with my tax money using their sat-nav, which is highly recommended by my Polish Colleague BTW.

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