HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 6th November

hukd_logob1 So here we go again – it’s the end of the week and that means True Or False Friday. Three bargains and a statement about each one. But do we speak honestly or bollocksly?

True Or False Friday is not filmed before a live studio audience and is in association with HotUKDeals.

520942THE DEAL:  All varieties of Baileys in one litre bottles for just £10 a pop.

TRUE OR FALSE?  The ‘Irish Cream’ in every bottle of Baileys is actually a single teardrop from God, sourced from a secret outdoor location in Tipperary.

520750THE DEAL:  The top ten albums as MP3 downloads - £3.97 per album or just 29p per track.

TRUE OR FALSE?  The top ten is no longer made up from sales figures, but is decided arbitrarily by Sir Innocence Kick-Gypsy, an aristocrat who bought the top ten chart positions when they were sold off by the government earlier this year.

520721THE DEAL:  Be Value Broadband for a whole year at just £6.75 per month. Plus there’s possible Quidco!

TRUE OR FALSE?  Broadband is measured by how much data will fit on to one of those really thick rubber bands. That’s how it gets its name.

(deals found by HUKD members infowight, lucerysmum and r3tract)

TRUE OR FALSE? All statements are FALSE

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