Everything Everywhere could get 4G by the end of the year

14 March 2012

everything everywhere Stop. Collaborate and listen. Bitterwallet is back with some news about 4G (okay maybe it needs a bit of work, but you get the gist).

Despite recent reports that 4G could be further away than we’ve previously hoped, the latest news is that it could actually be here sooner instead, with Ofcom announcing that Everything Everywhere should be allowed to offer the superfast mobile broadband service to its customers later this year, ahead of its rivals.

Everything Everywhere (comprising T-Mobile and Orange) is currently trialling 4G and if it gets the green light following a consultation, could be offering the lightning-quick sky-based internet before the end of 2012, allowing it to steal a march on its rivals.

The rest of the 4G network hasn’t even been auctioned off yet, and the complete 4G switch-on is not expected to occur until the end of 2013. Whether or not the early EE switch-on happens is likely to depend on how strong the objections are from rivals. Vodafone and Three are already said to be massively kicking off and we’d expect to see the arrival of lawyers with thick, dusty books sooner rather than later.

So there you go – you might get 4G by the end of the year. Or you might not. The mystery continues…

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  • Mark
    Say goodbye to TV in some areas by the end of the year then? Bloody OFCOM are useless!
  • br04dyz
    its a bit like the Corrie story line of the huge sat dish on the pub....but less entertaining (justabout)
  • bushbrother
    It won't happen, the other operators will kick off big time and they would be right to do so. Why should EE get an unfair advantage?
  • Christopher R.
    So Ofcom are going to give T-angerine 4g at the end of the year but not allow other networks until 2013? Great work..ofcom are such an amazing bunch of people!
  • Mike H.
    Your TV will be through your internet soon anyway. Soon internet will be 100% wireless and you will never need to use your microwave ever again!
  • Radio M.
    You didnt think Ofcom existed for the good of the general public did you? Someone somewhere must be getting free BJs for this.

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