EE unveil their 4G pricing - 4G isn't going to be cheap then...

A dog near some 4G

4G is coming! And in the words of Grandmaster Melle Mel, pound for pound, it costs more than gold.

EE (Everything Everywhere) will be launching their 4G service on 30th October, and it isn’t going to be cheap. In spite of saying that they’ve priced the service as ‘a mass market proposition’, the cheapest contract will set you back £36 a month.

For that, you’ll get a mere 500MB of 4G per month, which you could easily rattle through in half an hour, seeing as how 4G is super-fast and that. Once you’ve used up that 500MB, your 4G will be throttled unless you buy some more data. You’ll also get unlimited calls and texts by the way – don’t forget all that stuff.

EE’s top of the range offering will cost £56 a month and will come with a whopping 8GB of data per month – a more realistic usage figure, but fairly expensive when you think about it for more than a few seconds. Is it REALLY going to be worth forking out for?

Alongside 4G, the BBC reports that EE has also launched an on-demand service in which customers can access content directly using 4G but without impacting on their data allowance. We don’t know what that is.


  • Martin
    Is anyone going to bother at that price? Apart from IT bosses of course.
  • Darren
    @Martin And politicians using tax payer money of course!
  • Alexis
    I can get 14meg on 3G HSPA+ so why would I want anymore? You only really need higher if you're torrenting or need to download big files, which is what people use computers for.
  • ismail s.
    waste of money very disappointed with the price even 8 gb people can use that in 1 day if ur watching movies
  • Rimvydas
    Crazy prices. But thats just for beginning,they have to lower them to get customers. Same was in our country first it was announced. After two years is it even cheaper than 3G :)
  • Chris
    Meh... thats high priced, will stick to my current unlimited 3G contract for £20pm....
  • Chester
    £20 per month is too much. Giff gaff is £12 a month and i am sure there are other cheaper options
  • Martin
    Silly prices. I bet in just 3 months time they are complaining about lack of uptake, and somehow it'll be the fault of the government, or the EU, or Vodafone, or anyone apart from the idiot who set these prices.
  • Michael C.
    I really can't see how anyone would pay that price for 4G, why pay £36 a month for 500MB a month, when they currently offer 3G unlimited contract on a fair usage policy. I'm sure the most obvious question people want to know is 'what speed is the throtted speed once the data limit is reached?'. I would not recommend moving over to EE's new 4G contract, they are simply milking the massive payment they had to give to get 4G access first.
  • Andrew
    When you have a monopoly you can charge what you want. Well played UK government, well played....
  • Andrew
    "With EE claiming average network speeds of up to 12Mbits/sec, that means users could theoretically exceed their cap in just over five minutes of full-speed downloads - or a little over ten seconds a day." What a complete joke...
  • Gaz
    Why did they spend so much on getting 4G when 3G coverage in the UK is poor and isn't any where near nationwide. Some locations are even without any mobile coverage ( while rare). Seems a better investment would to be getting full 3G nationwide coverage.
  • insidEEr
    do a google site search, you'll find out a lot more about the film service... type this into the search box without the quote marks: "" page 2 onwards reveals some interesting information...
  • OFI
    Eh, 12Mbits? Is that really all they are expecting? Awful price plans. Good luck getting the main stream to take that nonsense on. I'll stick with my 3G package which costs £21/mo less for the same amount of data on the same network.
  • fra
    If anyone actually looks at the ee website they will see that the sim only packages start at £21 per month. The £36 per month starting price is for handset inclusive prices. Or to put it another way, I can get 4G with ee on my iPhone 5 for exactly the same price as 3G on Orange that I currently pay.
  • Mr M.
    @fra You're letting the truth get in the way of a good story. Still bloody expensive mind.
  • Mr M.
    I'm just back from the US and saw the T-Mobile deals there. They are selling the 4G plans for $50 a month, unlimited data usage on a rolling 1 month contract. Why is it we are getting ripped off with capped data and tied to 2 years? They also do 4G Lite deals for around $36 a month. Rip off Britain yet again, awesome.
  • jack p.
    As GAZ said "Why did they spend so much on getting 4G when 3G coverage in the UK is poor and isn’t any where near nationwide. Some locations are even without any mobile coverage ( while rare). Seems a better investment would to be getting full 3G nationwide coverage." Fix the 3G first morons! I am 2 miles from micro cell at home but still had to install a repeater to get coverage!
  • Itchy R.
    what a cunch of bunts!! give it me free!!
  • Itchy R.
    im the real Rich. mobile fone companies are all money hungry cunts! vote lib dem

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