Don't pay over-the-odds for Sky Broadband next month

Bitterwallet - Sky Broadband usage tripled during bad weatherLittle by little, inch by inch, Sky will have your life. It starts off as a basic TV package, then they throw in a landline for free. Then there's packages, HD channels if you want them, or watch Sky in other rooms of the house. Then they throw in broadband if you'll pay for the landline and before you know it, you're handing over £70 a month to Sky, not £20.

Their latest sleight-of-hand, which we mentioned several months ago, is to strictly monitor broadband usage - not that they sold it to the consumer like that. Sky provided a usage tool so you could monitor how much of your broadband allowance you used every month, but of course this monitoring then allowed Sky to impose sanctions. Specifically, if you exceed your allowance twice in six months you are automatically upgraded to the next price plan.

Are you automatically downgraded if you fail to reach your previous allowance the following month? No, that can only be done manually, obviously - Sky dictate which functions are automatic and which are manual to suit their bottom line, because plenty of customers won't notice or indeed care enough to query an extra fiver a month.

The reason it's worth mentioning is because home broadband usage is bound to have been abnormally high during December and January's bad weather (with work and school closures, usage tripled in our household), meaning Sky get their two strikes in six months and increase your bill accordingly. You can find Sky's broadband usage tool here; if Sky try subscribing you to a more expensive pacakage, check your usage next month - make sure you don't end up paying too much to Sky for broadband allowance you don't use.


  • Jase
    ...or you can have it all for free like me! haha at all you paying Sky people!
  • Ste
    AOL have always been unlimited usage and still are. One rather heavy month I hit nearly 100gb of data and didn't even get an email about it. I know some have had problems with AOL in the very distant past but I've neaver had an issue in 10 years and moving house 3 times. £6.99 for unlimited 8MB speed and unlimited landline calls. The cheapest I've found for broadband by far.
  • Ste
    excuse above spelling error - apologies
  • Andre W.
    Sky’s broadband usage tool here That link doesnt work.
  • Richard
    I didnt know that usage tool existed.... Just had a look...My monthly allowance is 2GB.... In January (which isnt over yet), I used 12GB apparently. Blimey.
  • Alan
    Thanks for the usage tool Sky! And the e-mail telling me I went over my limit last month! And my MAC code that I asked for straight after that so I could move over O2! Thanks!
  • dunfyboy
    Sky only supply a few exchanges and mine isn't one of them so they won't be getting any extra from me. It is about time they got round to supplying my exchange though as I can see their call centre from my window (if I lean right out and use a periscope). I guess they must pay BT for all their IT needs.
  • wobbly
    Not a fan of sky (BeThere are 100000000 x better) but they supply more than a "few exchanges". You can get sky on any exchange, and the better tariffs are offered on hundreds of LLU exchanges. Like I say though, they are dire - stay well away and go with Be* or similar.
  • Sky W.
    [...] has posted a warning for Sky Broadband users to keep an eye on their forthcoming bills following that last couple of months which are likely to [...]
  • greg
    "You must subscribe to your chosen Broadband product for 12 months. Monthly subscription: Sky Broadband Base £5; Sky Broadband Everyday £10; Sky Broadband Unlimited £15; you’ll get £5 off each month provided you take Sky Talk." so it's only actually another fiver for me anyway if they take me up from everyday to unlimited? i'm ok with that

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