Don't be fooled by Sky broadband for a tenner claims

sky Sky are offering what they reckon is the lowest broadband price in the UK. For a measly £10 a month, you can get their superfast fibre broadband.

It also includes a 25GB usage cap and download speeds of up to 38Pbps and is currently being offered as an alternative solution to the company's unlimited fibre affairs.

As with the bigger packages, subscribers will have the option to protect their devices with Sky’s Broadband Shield security product at no extra cost, and then still get a load of viruses on their computer any way.

Lyssa McGowan, Director of Sky Broadband, said: "We’re always looking to give customers even more reasons to choose Sky. Sky Fibre means we can now offer superfast speeds for just £10 a month – the lowest standard price in the UK. It’s perfect for those who want to try fibre for the first time."

Of course, it isn't really £10 per month as deals like this never are. That's because there's line rental which will costs you a further £16.40 per month. So the headline should read: "Get Sky broadband for £26.40 a month!" which isn't nearly as alluring.

So, for example, you could get Virgin Media’s broadband-only package for £28.50 per month, which granted, is more expensive, but there's no need for a phone line and there's no download caps and faster speeds.


  • ...
    soooo the unnecessary rant here is basically that sky is doing what they and their competitors have been doing for years with regards to how they say what their bb prices are, in which they all kinda leave out the line rental charges. I think consumers are smart enough to have figured out about broadband line rental charges by now, don't ya think?
  • daniel
    38 Petabits per second?! Sky have been coming along leaps and bounds...
  • jt
    I think it's a typo, they meant pico-bits per second.
  • ImRight
    We cant all get Virgin - they have no intention get providing service to 100% of UK, unlike those running off the back of the BT network.
  • John
    Yes there is line rental but it still is supercheap.Unlike the so expensive broadband deals you get with Bt,Virgin and Talktalk

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