Coventry to get ultra fast broadband

coventry Coventry, the home of The Specials, Philip Larkin, Pete Waterman and viscose rayon, has now got a new wonder to crow about - Ultra fast broadband!

Yes, you heard, ultra-fast broadband running at speeds of up to a gigabit per second (1,024 Mbps) is being installed in Coventry.

It's a joint venture between the City Council and CityFibre, which will be helping propel Coventry into the future from this summer, and would put the city up there with the likes of Tokyo as one of the Earth's fastest cities.


And once Coventry gets served, there's plans to speed up Peterborough and York, as well as schemes in places like Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

These plans are a result of an existing fibre optic network being upgraded and expanded across the city, as it had so far only been used in places like schools and council offices.



  • Dave09
    I expect that as being on of the largest and closest towns to Silverstone Race track that makes it a viable option ?
  • Billybobjimbob
    Smack dealers in Wood End will be able to take those orders faster than ever.

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