Commercial Break: Was last weekend a bad ad bonanza?

It’s been a big weekend for the unveiling of major new adverts and we’ve got both of the big two for you here. First up is the new one from Virgin Media, where their speedy broadband is pitched to us by Speedy Gonzalez. You can just imagine that particular brainstorming meeting in your head can’t you? Doesn’t last all that long does it?

Following on from that comes the REALLY controversial one. Star Wars fans will surely be up in arms over the fact that the gold robot and the little bullet-shaped robot have sold their souls and are now advertising the merits of Currys superstores. Although it’s always funny to see Star Wars fans get up in arms about stuff (Jedi is a religion you know) so we’ll reserve judgement.

When all’s said and done, the big question is, which one of these do you hate the most?


  • CompactDistance
    I actually found the Currys one quite amusing, the slogan at the end was the icing.
  • broken
    F YOU LUCASARTS you have destroyed everything I held dear as a child Currys would be controlled by Darth Vader I HATE I HATE I HATE YOU I hated curries but after this oh dear I many have to go and torch a few my life is in ruins
  • Nick T.
    The Virgin ad is just lazy, the Curry's one is okay. The ones I hate are the Comet "Let's Play" ads. Yeah, just go into your nearest Comet and try some of that stuff. Or expect the staff to be doing MAD things with the stock. Not gonna happen. They'll still just be bugging you to take out an extended warranty and have Sky.
  • I c.
    The Currys ad is quite good to be fair. Should we be more worried about that an Indian takeaway can contain more saturated fat than a woman should eat in an entire day.
  • Internet T.
    I'm too busy trying to find Tim Lovejoy and kick him in his foo foo for his advert to have noticed either of these
  • Paul C.
  • leeisgood
    currys one is very realistic, no fucking staff.
  • Beoke
    No wonder why the Dixons share price is so crap. Probably spent a fortune on it!
  • zeddy
    Who the fuck was watching X-Factor you sad bastards!?
  • zleet
    So R2 and C3PO were breaking into a shop why exactly? Either robbing the joint or gang raping a Mac would be my guess.

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