Commercial Break: Current fastest man plugs current slowest broadband

Here’s Virgin Media’s oh-so-witty new advert, starring two of the world’s most notable men – Sir Branson and Usain Bolt, with the latter doing a very convincing impersonation of the former, and vice versa. Or something.

But with advertising, it’s all about being noticed and they reckon there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Which is probably why Virgin Media customers have been experiencing a widespread broadband outage since yesterday afternoon. There’s nothing like getting people talking about you is there?


  • Sicknote
    And there was me thinking that the always publicity shy Richard Branson had blacked up for his latest commercial to advertise Indian call centres.
  • Dick
    Usain Bolt is not the world's fastest man. I managed to drive at 32 mph this morning on the way to work. Does he ever go that fast?
  • Alex
    That's about the second or third outage in the 5 years I've had Virgin Cable. You're right, it's outrageous. Especially as my 10Mbs connection is going to be doubled in speed next month for nothing.
  • me
    My broadband is with Virgin and aside from HUKD taking ages to load last night I have had no issues?
  • Mike H.
    Yes Bolt, you do look a cunt with that thing on your face, looks like you've been rimming Elton John, you twat!
  • NTL n.
    3 outages in 5 years wha a load of shit - 1 outage 6 years O2 - 15mb £10 a month - whats this cap nonsense - where you can only run your broadband for a few hours prior to it being capped - f^ck of NTL by another name.
  • Waddle H.
    "another name", calm down my dear, unless of course O2 offer free health care, with anger like that, you'll have a coronary. My Virgin Media 10Mb connection has been great. couple of times the local twatterati have nicked cables, but they've sorted it quickly, compared to the 3mb I was getting via shitty phone cables, I'm happy. Why are you playing Broadband "Top Trumps" anyway, surely you should be downloading more porn over your neverdown, uncapped, ubercheap, uberfast O2 connection?

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