Commercial Break: crazy Fenton's back, pimping EE's madly-priced 4G...

Here’s 4G provider EE, bang on trend with their new advert, a reworking of 2011’s memorable ‘Fenton’ viral, enhanced with added animal content. It beautifully displays how 4G is so much bigger and better than 3G as well as giving us a chance to realise that we really don’t need to hear that bloke shouting his dog’s name ever again.

The other message we got from it is that it must have cost lots more money to recruit the extra animals than it would if EE had stuck with the dog and the deer. Lots more money for not much added effect – that’s EE’s 4G offering for you in a nutshell.

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  • Yawn
    It's like the original but with an advert added and the humour removed.

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