Citizens Advice Bureau reckon broadband companies are being uncool

6 August 2014

house broadband The Citizens Advice Bureau reckon more and more broadband customers who resist paying arbitrary cancellation charges, are having their fees handed over to debt collectors.

According to new evidence based on 3,300 internet and broadband issues handled by the CAB, shone light on the shocking behaviour of broadband companies, be it throwing cancellation charges at people or driving customers into terrible contracts.

If customers refuse to pay charges, the cancellation fee is passed to a debt collection agency which, according to Gillian Guy, the CAB chief exec, is "punishment" for wanting to change supplier or end a contract.  Before adding that "People are finding themselves held captive by bad broadband services".

As a simple request, the CAB are suggesting that broadband providers don't charge people when they say 'you are utterly shit, I'm off'.

Especially if the customer is facing dreadful connection speeds and general faults. Even the customer service chapters of the broadband giants were blamed for being generally quite unpleasant and unhelpful.

The worst case included a woman being hit by a cancellation fee even though her service was so bad she was forced to visit an internet café, or perhaps it was the 70yr old man who cancelled his service early and was still charged £200.

A Citizens Advice Bureau spokesman said that "Companies should be responding to their customers".

He probably went on and described Broadband providers were behaving like slightly shit highwaymen, but our internet cut out before he finished.

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  • Alexis
    I don't know why firms bother with debt collectors. They have zero powers and simply bombard you with junk mail. My collection from BT grew to 22 letters. I stuck them in an envelope to BT HQ with a threat to sue them through Moneyclaim online and never heard from any of them again.

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