Carphone Warehouse buys Tiscali UK - will service improve?

Who uses Tiscali? Despite their stinkingly bad reputation for customer services, about 1.45 million people in the UK do. In spite of themselves, the Italians are the fifth biggest supplier of UK domestic broadband, but they're carrying about £500 million worth of debt. Perfect pickings for the increasingly-irrelevantly-named Carphone Warehouse then, as they continue their quest to rule the uberverse.

As well as owning AOL UK and its own Talk Talk brand, Carphone Warehouse are now shelling out £236 million for Tiscali's UK operation. The deal will mean Carphone Warehouse having over 4 million broadband customers, and 25 per cent of the whole market.

Although the intent is to unify all of the indivudal operations under one brand, there'll be some mopping up to do as far as Tiscali's reputation goes. There are hundreds of complaints to be found online, including Tiscali Sucks. After a nosey through the gripes of former users, you have to wonder how Tiscali manages to have any customers at all. Then again, Carphone Warehouse has its fair share of punters who like to piss and moan too.

So if you're a customer of Tiscali, do you see this deal improving your service? If it's Carphone Warehouse currently pumping salty german porn broadband into your pleasurescreen, what do the Tiscali customers have coming to them?


  • Phil
    Being with a subsidiary of Tiscali (Freedom2surf), any thing has got to be better in terms of performance! Only reason I've stayed is to keep my email address.
  • Jill
    I'm with talktalk and I'm very impressed with it - hopefully this take over means tiscali tv will roll out to talktalk users as well. I was also with tiscali before talktalk. Yes, they aren't great, but they were very cheap and it worked fine most of the time.
  • Andy T.
    I'm on Talk Talk and although I can't fault the customer service because I havn't used it (which, in theory, is good customer service) but the internet connection is really too slow and they traffic all downloading which isn't very good at all. Want to change to o2.
  • Alex
    Having 25% market share or more defines a company as being a Monopoly - so its quite a big move as it means the Carphone Wraehouse is technically a monopoly of the UK Internet Industry!
  • Rob
    Im on Tiscali (honestly) for about 6 years er....only ever had one problem where I lost service for about 12hours ...............and thats it . I think some people make a living out of whining .
  • Mike
    I've had five different broadband suppliers: AOL, BT, Sky, O2, and the utterly appalling Tiscali - couldn't wait to move from such a diabolical company. Cheap, yes, but often would have been better off walking down to the local library and using their connection these jokers were that slow. Tiscali's service would sometimes be slower than a dial-up connection! You were lucky, Rob - entire forums are dedicated to 'whining' about Tiscali.
  • James R.
    ....will service improve...?....based on the shite service you get from Carfone Twathouse already I'm betting not!
  • GrayUK
    Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was an ISP called Pipex. They were a small, independent company specialising in only Broadband. They were small, averagely priced, but very reliable. They just did broadband, nothing else, bit like ADSL24 and ZEN. No phone shit, no advertising, and most importantly, NO HASSELHOFF!!! But it was too good to last. Then Pipex changed, and then sold out to Tiscali. Suddenly they were changing my product, as requested.... NOT! Tried to get me to change my contract. No. Were pleased to tell me that my new contract was in force! WHAT NEW CONTRACT, I asked?? So now we belong to TAL TALK! What the F--- will happen now? As the person above suggests, Zen or similar ISPs might the way to go now.
  • Freddy F.
    Just go a phonecall from talktalk. Would I like to move my BB and phone from Tiscali to talktalk (wyf?). So i say - but you own them - they say yes but they will be kept seperat and they have put a tag on your line. You will need a new phone line! BY will charge £120. We will carge £39 and you will need a new number! so what's all that abou???
  • Carphone C.
    [...] that doesn’t change the fact that from phones to broadband, Carphone Warehouse’s service is “stinkingly bad”. And since they’ve completely ignored six written communications from me, this is now a legal [...]
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