BT slapped by ASA for fibre fibs

bt-logo BT have been told off by the Advertising Standards Authority for making promises about their fibre broadband speeds that they can't actually see through. Potential customers are getting told one thing and receiving something quite different once they've signed up.

So what's the problem? Are they just flat-out lying?

Well, BT have said that their line-checking service isn't as accurate as it should be, mainly thanks to the broadband wing not being able to get sufficient data from its own infrastructure arm.

The ASA weren't impressed that one customer got told that they could receive fibre speeds of 33Mbits per second via checkeronline , but that wasn't possible at all. BT argued that these were "typical" speeds for what 80% of users would receive, but confessed that this particular user would not be able to achieve the quoted speeds "due to a variety of reasons".

"Because the website included a download claim related to a specific address, which was not available to that consumer, we concluded the ad was misleading," the ASA said, reminding that BT that it really have to make sure their checker "provided accurate information" as speed was one of the pivotal reasons why people signed up for broadband contracts.

BT said that they would sort it out and that the dog ate their homework and that BT Retail doesn't really talk to Openreach and the whole thing is a bit of a mess.

"Openreach confirmed that they were a functionally separate organisation to BT's consumer facing divisions, and that they provided wholesale services to their communications providers and that included information services such as line speed estimates," the ASA said.

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