BT apply mid-contract price hikes of up to 7%- but you can still cancel

31 July 2015

Bitterwallet - BT users to receive cash demands for file-sharingThis week BT announced new price rises- rises that are way, way over the cost of inflation. Their argument is, of course, that they are simply aligning their prices with the market, following similar hikes by other telecoms providers such as Virgin Media. However, given the massive rise, if you are tied into a contract with BT, you do have the option of waving a get-out-of-contract free card at them, provided you let them know within 30 days of being told about the price hike.

Most of these price changes, which include higher costs to call to BT landlines and mobiles as well as dearer monthly line rental and call plans, (and BT broadband prices rising by almost 7% alone), will come into force on 20 September 2015. However, under rules introduced by Ofcom last year, if you took out a contract after 23 January 2014 and your provider significantly raises prices on that contract, you can cancel without paying any penalty fees.

This has been confirmed by BT who say that customers who are part-way through a contract can leave without penalty, providing they do so within 30 days of receiving their price-increase notification letter. The only possible exception would be if you very recently took out a contract and you were advised at the point of sale that the price would be rising. Which seems unlikely.

So, if you think you can get a better deal elsewhere- and you can use comparison sites to compare providers- but bearing in mind that most of them have also increased their charges, make sure you let them know you are cancelling without penalty within those 30 days.

The main price changes by BT include:

Calls to UK landlines and 0870 numbers for customers not on call inclusive packages will rise from 9.58p a minute to 10.24p.

The set-up fee for landline calls - charged each time a call is connected - goes from 15.97p to 17.07p.

Calls to mobiles from a BT landline will rise from 12.77p to 13.65p a minute.

Standard line rental is to rise from £16.99 to £17.99, while line rental plus goes up from £18.99 to £19.99.

Unlimited anytime calls will rise from £7.45 to £7.95 a month for contracts before 20 June 2014.

Unlimited evening and weekend calls go from £2.12 to £2.26 for the same customers.

Unlimited anytime calls packages bought after 20 June 2014 will rise from £7.50 to £7.95.

Unlimited evening and weekend calls go from £3 a month to £3.20.

The cost of paper bills will increase from £1.59 to £1.70.


  • Alastair
    I can't get Virgin cable, so what's the point in cancelling BT?!
  • jaffacake
    brilliant this, I rang and cancelled everything I had with BT as a result of their price increase. thanks for the heads up, very pleased :-)
  • Censorship a.
    The prices are a bit of a sick joke when I can call CHINA on my mobile for 5ppm
  • DrJogalog
    Wow. Those prices, even before the changes, are massively expensive. No wonder everyone is dropping their landlines in favour of solely using a mobile. Your only tie is if you don't have access to Virgin media for a broadband connection. I hate these monopolising companies and the fact they say they only rising prices because "everyone else did" is ridiculous.

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