BT announces 100Mbps broadband

bt-logoBroadband customers will soon be able to reach speeds of 110Mbps (which equates to roughly 65mph) under plans announced by BT Openreach.

Openreach, if you don't know, are the BT arm that manages the network for other internet service providers and they're saying that the 110Mpbs service will be available in March 2011.

The service will be a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) service, but it is worth noting that the 110Mpbs won't be constant. At peak times it will be reduced, but Openreach are guaranteeing a minimum of 20Mpbs.

As part of this service, it is reported that you'll also be able get an upload speed of 15Mbps.

Rival ISPs are able to rent the high-speed network and Openreach have said that prices would be £258.48 per year (£21.54 per month). How much this is going to eventually cost the consumer isn't clear. There's also a one-off connection charge which will also be added at £75 (plus VAT).

Just imagine how quickly you'll be able to clog up your hardrive with absolute filth!


  • ohhai
    I'd like them to sort out getting everyone a solid ~8mbps connection first
  • Playback
    And how long before any of this speed reaches the places where we actually live (i.e. not the bloody south-east)
  • Daniel Z.
    My hard drive is already clogged with filth you nutter!
  • Adam
    +1 +1
  • Adam
    (that was to ohhai and Playback)
  • Daniel Z.
    yea right adam! :P
  • M4RKM
    8MB?! I'm still without the desired minimum of 2MB! *sulks*
  • LD
    STILL playing catch up with the Koreans et al :-(
  • The B.
    Playback, I live in London and can only get 6Mbps so I have no idea why you think the SE of England is any different.
  • Tim
    Fibre to home is surely only going to be in very select places (middle of London). Being in the SE won't make it so. The best hope for the rest of us if Fibre To Cabinet (aka BT Infinity). Which is basically the same as Cable (which is also Fibre To Cabinet and then copper/coax for the last few hundred metres). That still isn't likely to solve all the issues. NTL could never give me a stable signal on Cable, and from what I've heard FTC isn't always delivering beyond 8Mbps because of poor copper between cabinet and home, and some people's cabinets are still a fair distance away.
  • Brendy
    Maybe they should upgrade my 512kb connection first! :'(
  • Laurz
    I doubt it Brendy, they've not got any plans to upgrade my 512 either. But at least those big city types will get another upgrade to create an even bigger divide and further decimate small areas.
  • LanceVance
    My VirginMedia 50mb connection is very fast. I can download shedloads of porn in seconds! BT suck large spanish donkey balls, never had better than 2mb with them.
  • gdaffi d.
    you cant complain about b.t. speeds over dsl , it depends on so many things and how can you complain about a service that doesnt need anything done but a microfilter attached you want decent internet go to virgin
  • james d.
    BT actually trialled this in Whitchurch in Cardiff, so it might well be available there. Shame I don't live in Cardiff any more.
  • oliverreed
    @LanceVance that's some pretty funky porn you've got there fella, sucking donkey balls, oh well it takes all sorts!
  • AyePet
    Hi-Def donkey balls just for you Lance
  • parpparp
    There's also a charge for this service which will also be added to the service.
  • Mark C.
    @Playback/Bob - I live in East London and I'm lucky to get 3Mbps on a good day with a following wind (I'm presuming my local exchange must be sail powered, as its perfromance is certainly pre-industrial revolution). To be honest I don't give that much of a crap about it, as it's generally fast enough for the little downloading I do, and I would be very happy to trade in my chance for superfast broadband for ten minutes with a crowbar and a mooring hook in a locked room with that moon-faced twatbag from the BT advets.
  • -]
    Why are people asking for their shitty ADSL to be improved first? The whole point of these fibre upgrades is that ADSL is technology running over poor copper lines. Once FTTC/FTTH is running you will have the improvements you desire.
  • Gunuph
    At least now you can hit your monthly download limit in a 10th of the time. Sod the speed get rid of the "unlimited" limits!
  • AyePet
    Probably already mentioned above. But very very very few people will get FTTP (Fibre to the Pavement) with 99%+ of us getting FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) where every meter from your house to the 6foot Fibre cabinet can degrade your speed. Given you need FTTP to get 110mbit, only a tiny percentage will get this.
  • zleet
    And doubtless it will be lumbered with the same fair usage and download limits that makes all 'super fast broadband' completely fucking pointless.
  • me
    Well done Zleet! Straight to the point. 100MBPS and 40gb per month download limit. What is the fucking point??
  • raven24
    Flaming nora. Mobile broadband is fast enough for me. I had over 560/kb sec downloading a file today, the fatest ive ever seen it.
  • -]
    When we get 4G/LTE in the UK you can expect speeds of 300mbit on your mobile. The 4G trial that o2 conducted last year saw speeds of 150mbit. It's coming to something when wireless technology is outstripping the cabled connectivity we have in this country...
  • zleet
    @-] O2 will be doing superfast mobile broadband, wow!! Slightly tempered by the fact o2 sent me a text last week telling me that as of 25th of October my 'unlimited internet' is now subject to daily data charges if I go over 500mb a month.

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