Broadbandless rural types lose their cool with BT....

24 June 2012

The good people of Royston Vasey, erm, sorry, Kettleholm in rural Scotland are having problems with BT. Their local exchange is a pile of crap and their broadband sucks.

Rather than ring up and complain (which might be tricky cos of the exchange situation) they’ve made a video which shows their attempts to get in touch with BT using more ‘olde worlde’ methods.

Isn’t it great that people feel compelled to go to these lengths to get their plight noticed? No, it completely isn’t.

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  • Me
    How did they upload it to YouTube?
  • Shaniaa
    What a load of shit.
  • Exit b.
    reporting standards at bitterwallet continue to redefine the expression "scraping the barrel", I see
  • captain c.
    Where is the urinal?? SOMEONE is taking the pi$$
  • Filter P.
    I wonder how many foxes they get up there?
  • Spandex B.
    Can't view YouTube at work but expect it is shit.
  • Dick
    They deserve it for using a shit typeface.

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