Broadband speeds for properties to be made available

Broadband speeds made available

Soon, when moving house, you'll be able to compare broadband speeds to wherever you're moving to, easily.

You'll be able to check the broadband speeds of different addresses before moving, according to government plans, as they want internet companies to show their data on speeds for individual addresses, rather than whole areas.

This is all part of the Digital Economy Bill, which is being debated in the House of Commons this week.

Ministers want to see a change, where Ofcom will get the power to make internet companies "publish any information held by the provider".

More information about a house you're moving to is always helpful, even if not everyone will feel the need to actively use it.

Mark Hawthorne, from the Local Government Association, says: "The quality of digital connectivity can be markedly different from area to area with some households being able to access superfast broadband speeds whilst others can only achieve substantially less."

"We support the Government's aims to allow Ofcom to demand providers open up their premise-level data on broadband so that residents can more easily compare who will provide the best service to their home - not just their postcode, which can often be inaccurate. Our residents can only make the most informed choices if they have all the data at their fingertips in one place."

Matt Hancock, the digital and culture minister, said: "We want everyone to have access to high speed broadband as part of our commitment to building a stronger, more connected economy that works for all, not just a privileged few."

"The Digital Economy Bill will help make sure the UK remains ahead in an increasingly connected world, as well as strengthening existing protections for consumers."

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