Broadband on the increase, dial-up users still alive

Remember sometime back in the 18th century, when you had to connect to the internet through a dial-up modem? They're very rare now, although you can still see them in museums. And according to the Office for National Statistics, there are people who still use them. Crikey.

Not very many, admittedly; the number is dwindling downwards every month, with less than 5% of users now using dial-up to go online. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show that broadband connections have increased from 92.8% in June to 94.1% in September. The stats also show broadband connections are increasing nearly 8% year-on-year.

"The market share of broadband connections has been increasing since the index began in 2001, reflecting its continuing popularity, widespread availability and increasingly competitive connection packages," the ONS said in its report.

The big question is: who are these people still using dial-up? Have you seen one recently? What did they look like? Were you able to understand when they talked, or was it like listening to Chaucer? A Bitterwallet reader has submitted this photo of an alleged dial-up user (left); can you confirm its authenticity?



  • Susan
    My parents still use dial-up - they are 77 & 82 though. Only use internet about once a week so not worth a broadband for them.
  • gord
    Think for some elderley people like myself its like changing banks. Dont want the hassle. However due to loss of my bt low user account and d/up charges increaing 50./. have moved to b/band. [ Speed is only about 2 whatever its called] but its brilliant. Entirelly new internet experience. But to be fair the downside was, i couldnt initally get b/b. Had to have a visit from openreach [wiring problem] so half expecting a bill from them. [could be a lot] and i mean a lot .

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