Broadband for £6 per month, plus (really) unlimited usage deal

If the recession means you can't afford to eat out, if the outrageous ticket prices at your local Odeon have put an end to your weekly cinema jaunt, the last thing you want to cut out of the monthly budget is a neccessary pleasure like broadband. To paraphrase the great philosopher of our time, Homer Simpson: "How can one little insulated wire bring so much happiness?"

Good news, at least for those of you not sucking the latest episodes of 24 up the pipes; ISP Plusnet has introduced a budget £5.99-a-month broadband package that offers a 10GB monthly download limit, a free wireless router and speeds of up to 8Mbps.

The company told WebUser it was introducing the deal in response to customer demand for a low-price, full-featured broadband package in these times of economic hardship. And in a grand break with the tradition of companies putting themselves first, the offer is also available to existing customers.

If you're still keen to torrent your bits, then Plusnet is also offering an unlimited broadband package, as in... unlimited. The ISP claims that advances in traffic management mean it can offer truly unlimited access by prioritising time-sensitive activities like gaming and VoIP, though that means file sharing will run at a snail's pace most of the time. Bah.



  • Geoff J.
    I really cannot stand ISPs who advertise unlimited usage to find out that it is not in the contract. Surely this is false advertising and something the watchdogs need to tackle.
  • -=Mike H.
    I'll stop eating before I relinquish my porn viewing machine (PVM) and porn delivery system (PDS)
  • Martin
    Downloading torrents to watch the latest episodes of 24 / The Office / etc is time sensitive too.
  • pat r.
    the £5.99 deal is only for the first 3 months - price doubles after that. not that great a deal really. P
  • James R.
    I wouldn't recommend PlusNet to my worst enemy - terrible company
  • Joff
    £5.99 a month!! I can't even buy 10 tins of Branston beans for that (at Tesco).
  • Andy v.
    plus net suck, we use them at work and are constantly have probs with the net.
  • iHatePlusNet
    This ad should really read! Sign up to plusnet will offer you: 1, U limitedly slow connection, we can go slower than 56k dial up, guaranteed?! 2, No customer service 100% of the time guaranteed. 3, Will make your life a living hell if you ever try and leave us you traitor. 4, Will steal money from your bank account when we feel like it. 5, Don't expect anyone at our call centres to speak English or be able to do anything else other than what's written on the screen. They are the worst ISP I have ever used.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    "the £5.99 deal is only for the first 3 months - price doubles after that. not that great a deal really." Apparently not if you live in one of their "low cost areas" but don't let that stop you slating the offer.... "* Plusnet Value broadband starts at £5.99 a month. If you live in one of our low cost areas then you'll pay this price every month. If you live outside of one of these areas then you'll pay £5.99 a month for the first 3 months and £11.99 a month thereafter."
  • pat r.
    "Apparently not if you live in one of their “low cost areas” but don’t let that stop you slating the offer…." that must mean i dont live in one of these areas as i tried to switch (I am already on and i got offered the 3 month deal. Just slating off what i was shown. P
  • Plusnet U.
    I don't know why so many people say they've had problems with Plusnet. Been with them about 3-4 years now and always have good speeds and very good service from UK based support. Only had around 5 problems in all the time I've been with them and 3 of them were because someone at my end had been playing around with the router settings. As for torrents, who needs them? There's other ways and means of downloading all you US TV shows & porn @ 500+ kbps if you know where to look. ;) Used to use up my 30GB allowance no problem!
  • Plusnet U.
    @ iHatePlusNet I must be using a different PlusNet to you, because everything you stated is the exact opposite of my experience. .............and no, I don't work for them. It's like everything else these days, there's always gonna be a number of dissatified customers regardless of whether it's an ISP, utility provider, the manufacturer/distubutor of a faulty TV. But you always get to hear about the bad points and rarely get comments congratulating a company. Don't get me wrong, I complain about everything from the faulty Quinny I just bought to crap digital camera to 2 x faulty Samsung LCD TV I purchased from Dixons at Xmas. You just don't get a balanced view IMHO!
  • Andre
    they should be called "negative net"
  • Ticon D.
    I've been with plus-net for several years. Also recommended them to about 15 other friends and family members. Never had a problem with them. When needing advice about issues concerning broadband service always got a prompt reply. So in my book they are pretty good. Also, they came in the top 4 for PC-Advisor mags broadband ISP survey and are top in another broadband survey. BTW: Don't work for them either....
  • Dank
    Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. They're the equivalent of Setanta in the ISP world. Flaky connection, slow and customer service is non-existent.
  • Jeffrey
    I'm incredibly disappointed at Bitterwallet selling out to these bunch of cowboys. Another Minus-Net ex customer here. Terrible, terrible company. If they were on fire I wouldn't even do the proverbial. They have an incredibly bad habit of changing prices/terms and conditions in negative ways - slowly eroding the service they provide while at the same time increasing prices. I tried to cancel when they introduced 'fair usage policies' (apparently 30gb is 'unlimited'...) and 'traffic management' that butchered my connection. However they refused to accept those changes as grounds for terminating my contract and sent debt collectors after me for months. Ended up threatening them with legal action for unlawful collection of debt.
  • fwiw
    It seems that Plusnet are now trying to redefine "unlimited", but this is exactly the sort of behaviour in my view, that they berated others for in the past. "PlusNet accuses broadband rivals of misleading customers",1000000085,39282114,00.htm "There's no such thing as free and no such thing as unlimited," has been Plusnet's position, but it's apparently ok now to include "unlimited" in the title of a package, so long as you explain how your "unlimited" differs from all those others whose "unlimited" packages are not unlimited! I've experienced worse services than Plusnet, but could never return to them, because I find their opinion of themselves too much to stomach.
  • Anton

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