BA gets into wi-fi

6 June 2014

Bitterwallet - British Airways British Airways has installed high-speed in-flight broadband.

Yes! That's right. You can be both annoyed and annoying when high above the clouds now.

The company have teamed with some satellite lot called Immarsat, and will be introducing the service to their cross European flights.

Immarsat will be launching a satellite up into the space in 2016 as to provide this service, to the tune of £270 million.

It will share the cost with French-Italian space group Thales Alenia Space and expects the satellite to be ready for launching into orbit by 2016.

Inmarsat also plans to build a network of 300 ground stations across Europe’s 28 countries over the next six years, using the same 4G broadband technology as the latest smartphones do.

A similar service in the United States, called Gogo, costs £3 per hour or just under £10 for a card with 24 hours loaded onto it.

Isn't modern life just dandy?

We can't wait for people livetweeting fights between hen-parties and commentary about the state of aircraft food and screaming children.

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