4G is coming to the UK in a few weeks!

21 August 2012

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Citizens! Prepare accordingly because 4G is coming to the UK, courtesy of Orange and T-Mobile. The mobile providers have had approval from Ofcom to bring 4G to the UK from as early as September 11th. You know, in a few weeks from NOW!

The word is that the requisite dongles and modems should be available to us mere mortals by the end of the year, with 4G-specific phones probably on the market shortly afterwards.

The two companies have stolen a huge march on their rivals, who will have to hang about until the government auctions off the 4G spectrum early next year. Not surprisingly, some of them are livid, with Vodafone saying:

“We are frankly shocked that Ofcom has reached this decision. The regulator has shown a careless disregard for the best interests of consumers, businesses and the wider economy through its refusal to properly regard the competitive distortion created by allowing one operator to run services before the ground has been laid for a fully competitive 4G market.”

What’s more, the advent of proper speedy mobile broadband could also lead to a name change for T-Mobile and Orange – it’s being suggested that they might make their corporate union more official and switch to the clumsy joint Everything Everywhere moniker that they’ve been toying with over the past year or so.

They’re hardly denying it either, with an Everything Everywhere spokesvoice mewling: “It's well known that we ran a brand review last year. The outcome of that brand review is confidential. However what we can say is that we remain committed to our hugely successful brands Orange and T-Mobile and continue to invest in them for the foreseeable future. Any suggestion otherwise is entirely speculative.”

We reckon that a name change is a dead cert then. Prepare to burn all of that T-Mobile and Orange-branded clothing that you all love so much – today is all about CHANGE.

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  • Mike
    About time !
  • Mad H.
    This is, by some distance, the most significant thing to have ever happened on September 11th
  • Sicknote
    Ha..ha..ha...ha..ha...ha..ha...ha..ha...pause for breath...ha..ha...ha..ha...ha..ha... I just asked someone from the network team at O2 and he laughed.
  • Mr. P.
    @ Sicknote Why, have you got a really stupid voice?
  • That t.
    Oh nice, now i know when the freeview is going to go all fuzzy and die, if only it was a few weeks earlier to filter out all that "athletic" nonsense. All hail the 4G revolution.
  • Sicknote
    @Mr. Patel No, my voice is OK - maybe he was just laughing at my name....damn him to hell
  • Nikey H.
    Dont mind me lads , just popped by to drop a fart. On me way now.

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