UK makes Black Friday its own by fighting in the aisles!

BLACK FRIDAY The past couple of years, Black Friday has been a reasonably polite affair in the UK, with people just hunting out deals among the usual dreck and such.

We haven't really done it like America, punching each other in the face to get our hands on a food mixer or a video game for little Stacey.

Until now that is, as police have been called to a number of supermarkets across the country as people go wild in the aisles. Sales began at midnight and of course, when people want cheap stuff AND have been deprived of sleep, they're going to go crazy.

Of course, Black Friday is brilliant if you've got the will to claw your way through the maelstrom of products, especially with Christmas just around the corner. However, some people turn that bargain hunting energy into something feral.

Police were called to a host of supermarkets in London thanks to over-crowding, and on social media, people have been talking about the carnage in stores all over Britain. There were arrests in Tesco stores in Greater Manchester as fights broke out and, in Stretford, a woman got hit on the head by a falling television set. She can be thankful that TVs aren't as cumbersome as they were in the '90s.

It is thought that there's going to be 8.5m transactions made online today, which is a huge leap on last year. Good news for the market, but seemingly bad news for people who value having front teeth or bruiseless skin. Either way, WE MADE IT!

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