This is why Black Friday sales are bad for you

We've already discussed Black Friday sales at length on Bitterwallet - the US retail event that follows Thanksgiving. Amazon are attempting to introduce the concept to UK customers, but is it a true taste of what Black Fridays sales are all about?

Nope. If there's one thing Americans like more than donuts, guns and tan tights, then it's saving money in the sales. In fact, they like their bargains so much, they'll kill anyone who gets in their way. Here's what you're missing out on, folks:


  • Thomas P.
    Trailer park trash, the lot of 'em.
  • dougie
    Seriously – what sort of offers do these people get, that they are so willing to trample each other to death? We can’t be talking 5 to 10% discounts – this looks like something people would do for 70%+ discounts. Would someone care to enlighten us on just how cheap american lives are valued in sales??

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