Is this the last year we'll see Black Friday in actual shops?

BLACKFRIDAYsq Black Friday is well and truly underway and, thus far, it's all been rather quiet compared to last year, as bargain hunters cannily stick to online sales, so they don't have to go MMA on someone's ass over a sandwich toaster in the aisles.

Could this be the last year that the shops actually bother doing in-store Black Friday sales? Could be. A number of retailers have backed away from the whole thing in 2015, with Asda and Primark being two notable companies to do so.

Avoid inviting chaos into your shops, in favour of spreading out sales over the week, or focusing on online offers. Seems sensible. No-one in the UK wants the bad press of people scrapping in their shops.

Of course, no-one is going to completely back out of Black Friday entirely, because not only is there a chance to get rid of a load of stock, but there's also all that lovely data to harvest from customers, which is where the real money is at. If you jump in on Black Friday, you can then target ads at new customers through mailshots and all manner of things.

With advertisers increasing interested in what's going on on your mobile, it hasn't been surprising that the high street as been a little barren when it comes to Black Friday excitement. The whole shopping event looks like it is moving online, and that can only be a good thing, unless you're a short-tempered van driver who couldn't get the day off.

In the UK, brawling over products doesn't sit well with the British psyche, so is 2015 the last year we'll see a Black Friday presence down the shops? We think so.

What do you think?

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