Hey! It's Black Friday tomorrow!

black_friday_ads_56272307 As you might know if you’re a keen-eyed Bitterwalleteer, tomorrow is Black Friday, the day when tired Americans recover from a day of Thanksgiving self-stuffing by getting out of bed early and fighting each other for reduced stuff in all the shops. Sounds GREAT!

Helpfully, the cult of Black Friday has crept across the Atlantic and, a bit like over-elaborate ‘prom nights’, it looks like it could be here to stay. A whole host of retailers and etailers are promising price-slashing mayhem tomorrow and over the weekend, and Currys and PC World have already kicked off a 100-hour sale. Helpfully, thanks to our wonderful friends at HotUKDeals, you can keep abreast of the best of the bargains by consulting their Black Friday guide.

We’ll bring you a round-up of the very best of Black Friday’s offerings tomorrow, but why not arm yourself with information over at HUKD now? Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all that...


  • captainkibble
    Shame I and most other salaried people don't get paid till next week. However, seeing that UK 's idea of a 'spectacular sale' is a pitiful 5% off* loads of crap nobody wanted at full price** and any larger discount apply to items of which they have 2 per store*** I doubt I'll miss out. * Amazon, ebuyer et al will still be much cheaper ** PC World's sale for example *** That get sold to friends/family of the staff 10 seconds after the store opens
  • oliverreed
    Amazon's deals so far have sucked, I haven't looked often and I've still seen duplicate deals pop up.
  • Dick
    I don't really get why retailers here do Black Friday either. They say they are having a sale, then give minimal (if any) discounts. Why did we import Black Friday and not thanksgiving? At least we would have got to stuff ourselves with turkey, and get some practice in for Christmas day.

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