Deal Klaxon! Amazon launch Black Friday sale week

Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 10.17.21 It’s Monday! And that means only one thing – it’s Black Friday!

That probably sounds weird, so we’ll explain further. have launched their ‘Black Friday’ sale week, named after the post-Thanksgiving sales day in the USA. But as you might have gleaned, this lasts for a week as opposed to just a day. The bargain-hunters at HotUKDeals have been chattering incessantly about it for the past three weeks.

Rather than splurging at the start of the sale with a load of stuff that sells out straight away, this is different. Amaazon drop new items into the sale every fifteen minutes, with previews on the site so that you can see what’s coming. For example, we’ll be hitting the site at 7.30pm in order to try and get our hands on some Maximuscle Maxi Milk that will be reduced then – it’s strawberry flavour.

Have you got yourself anything from Black Friday or do you reckon Amazon are slightly reducing loads of old tut just so they can shift it? TELL US.


  • TechLogon
    Good marketing ploy to lull people into a frenzy - there are a handful of great bargains and a truck load of expensive tat knocked down to standard prices. People see the 'was' and 'now' price and that's all. As last year, the real bargains sell out in milliseconds but for every happy winner there will be a ton of frustrated losers...
  • Phil
    Does seem a little poor compared to last year but hey - at least its possible to add stuff to your basket this year. ..
  • MLK
    Dat is racialist.

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