Black Friday shopper pepper sprays rivals in Walmart stampede

black_friday_ads_56272307 As we’re almost sick of saying now, today is ‘Black Friday’, especially in the USA where they do this kind of thing every year, with scores of stores opening all early and deep-discounting shit left right and centre. Amazing scenes.

In fact, yes, there ARE amazing scenes all over the place, as bargain-thirsty shoppers get all punchy with each other as they tussle their way to the amazingest deals, with all thoughts of Thanksgiving harmony left very much in the car park.

But one deranged female savings freak has today gone beyond all rhyme or reason in Walmart in Los Angeles, attacking fellow shoppers with pepper spray as the doors opened, in what was described by authorities as ‘competitive shopping’. That makes it all sound like a bit of harmless fun, and with only 20 injuries out of what must have been hundreds of shoppers, we’re pretty sure that it’ll soon be forgiven and forgotten.

In fact, Matthew Lopez, one of the ‘injured’ shoppers said: “I heard screaming and I heard yelling. Moments later, my throat stung. I was coughing really bad and watering up.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – what LARKS!

How far would YOU go in order to get your hands on a bargain? Sock filled with pound coins? Tranquiliser dart? Taser gun? TELL US.


  • br04dyz
    this is an AWESOME idea. I might try this on the way home tonight - get those old gimmers out the bus q that will!
  • ItchyEye
    Lucky Bastards. They got *FREE* pepper spray, and they have the gall to complain? You just can't please some people.
  • DC
    Well the other shoppers were in the way, so according to the police in the US it was justified.
  • russ j.
    should issue all shoppers with pepper spray for free and last one standing get a mega bargain tv for 1p - film it make millions from the show - repeat in all department stores - downmarket version in poundlland.

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