Black Friday: imminent bargain trawling

BLACK FRIDAY We've already given you the heads-up about the best places to keep an eye on for a Black Friday bargain, but what is it all about?

In case you've missed the build-up, Black Friday (no-one really knows why it is called that) sees a load of retailers flogging a load of cheap products to everyone - there's some preposterously great deals to be found, if you're willing to wade through the pish.

Imagine e-retailers turning themselves into a jumble sale for the day, and you're halfway there.

Various analysts reckon that £5billion will be spent on the day on things like knock-down tablets and tech, as well as toys, clothes, TVs, video games, fridges and more. Amazon are really getting in the mood, with 'lightning deals', as well as announcing that they're going to be sending out offers through Snapchat.

And next Friday just so happens to be payday for a lot of people, so the rush for bargains is going to be hot.

You'll see that, at the tail-end of the week, there's going to be people queueing up outsides shops overnight and businesses hiring extra security to deal with people attacking each other to get their mitts on stuff.

Over in America, they go particularly nuts, as you can see from the video.

In the UK, we're a bit more reserved, but Stateside, some years ago two men were shot dead when scrapping broke out in a Toys R Us (no seriously) and a Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death in New York as crowds rampaged through the doors.

Sainsbury's will be joining in Black Friday for the first time this year, and a number of others. We'll keep you informed as to who will be taking part, who has the best deals and who you shouldn't bother with. And, following Black Friday, is Cyber Monday, which is effectively the same thing.

Argos have started their countdown, and Amazon have already put some lightning deals up (but appear to be saving the big-guns for later in the week). have already started taking the prices down on women's fashion items too.

So prep the debit card - it might be doing overtime at the end of the week. Just don't shoot anyone, okay?


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  • kingly
    The Americans as a majority are a bunch of fat, greedy pigs only looking out for themselves. I feel sorry for the Americans who actually have standards.

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