Asda to scale back Black Friday after last year's shenanigans

black friday 2015 Asda are apparently stepping slowly away from Black Friday, after the trouble it caused them last year. Not only that, the supermarket didn't yield the profitable sales it hoped it would.

The main bugbear they've got, is all that negative publicity, after shoppers in Wembley were filmed brawling over television sets. While customers grabbed bargains, they didn't stay around to buy groceries, and that's a problem for Asda.

So this year, it looks like they'll be focusing on online sales, or spread offers across several days in a bid to stop people going wild in the aisles. However, they won't be backing away from it completely, as last Black Friday, Asda saw 2m sales, which made it their busiest single trading day. They sold 10,000 tablets within 2 hours of opening their doors.

A source said: "Last year big-ticket items sold at a loss and attempts to ensure safety by forcing shoppers to queue for items meant food sales tanked."

When 27th November comes around, it looks like Asda will be a very different scenario to last year. Of course, there's loads of bargains to be found online, and HUKD will have a designated section so you can get stuck in, from the comfort of your phone or computer. Unless you really want to get down the shops for a dust-up with a stranger.

It does look like 2015 will be the biggest of the Black Fridays we've had in the UK thus far, and it seems like the shops are really going to push for it, where last year, a number of bigger retailers shied away.

There's going to be a lot of laptops up for grabs by the sounds of it, so if you're in the market for one, you'd be wise to wait a couple of weeks. Of course, we'll be covering it and rounding up the best deals, and pointing you in the direction of the best places to grab a bargain. More on that nearer the time.


  • Shopper
    Very pleased Asda have seen the error of their ways. They only have themselves to blame. The footage at Wembley was purely enabled by Asda by their allowing the media into their shop ahead of time so they could point their cameras at the crowds surging through at doors opening time.
  • james
    what black friday deals as the last 2 years the items were meant to be sold from 8am but they were all gone before the sale starting due to staff putting them in the stock room.then buy them and none of the public can get. within 24 hours of the staff buying them they are on facebook and gumtree for 3 times the price. also i can prove it.
  • Jordan
    @james sorry this is complete rubbish, out of all the retailers doing black friday ASDA operates the strictest procedures regarding handling of black friday stock and has done so for the last 2 years it has been run. The stock arrives in store on special pallets that are coated in thick black plastic shrink weap and they are not allowed to be opened until just before the store lets customers in for the event. All staff are warned that anyone who keeps any stock back for themseleves will be disciplined/sacked. If you actually seen anyone taking stock for themselves you should report it. However bear in mind that stock in the event is very limited with many stores in the past getting less than 20 of the £99 tv's in stock, potentially meaning they are all gone within the first 20 people entering the store. If any store has broken the procedure then you need to be report it.

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