Are you put off by the Black Friday chaos?

black friday 2015 Black Friday isn't too far away, and the shops are bracing themselves for some real action. Of course, it is artificial tension that is being created, so this is basically the Royal Rumble of retail.

However, the implied mayhem and people getting punched in the face for telly, is putting some people off Black Friday.

Blue Yonder have done some research and have been asking people some questions about the whole thing. Three in four shoppers said that they'd had a bad experience on the day in 2014, thanks in part to retailers not having enough stock. They also didn't like the look of all those crowds, either.

Of course, there were fights shown on TV, but to those who actually ventured out to the shops on the day, it was all pretty civilised (which disappointed Bitterwallet to be honest - we wanted to see someone getting slapped over some rawl plugs, but sadly not). Either way, the coverage is making some people dread this year's Black Friday.

Markus Juhr-de Benedetti, acting UK managing director at Blue Yonder, said: "Bad experiences can put customers off brands, especially if they leave empty handed due to a product selling out too quickly. We all remember the scenes from last year’s shops."

Last year, 46% of UK adults went bargain hunting on Black Friday, but this year, that number is down to 38% for people who plan on joining in. It seems millennials are much more likely to be found down the shops on Black Friday, with over 55s trying to avoid it altogether. Of course, you could just trawl HUKD and stay inside, which is miles easier.

Are you in, or out?


  • Fat H.
    Oi! Generation X don't mind beating the shit out of someone for a cheap ass Fukisuki TV. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!
  • Dick
    How do they know the number of people that went bargain hunting on Black Friday this year, when it hasn't actually happened yet?
  • jim
    Clever... Dick. very clever
  • Shopper
    I was hoping "Black Friday" would not be a "thing" this year at all, after the bad feelings of previous years. What really annoyed me is the way certain retailers went all-out to ensure media coverage of crowds swarming into their second rate shops. I plead to the UK retail industry to dial back on this fake event.

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