Amazon's Back Friday Week starts next Monday!

Attention Amazon shoppers – Black Friday is back! Obviously, it starts next Monday and lasts for a whole week rather than a day, but they’re calling it Black Friday anyway so just shut up and get on with it.

As you might know, it’s named after the day after Thanksgiving in the USA when the shops are filled with bargains. Amazon have said….

Black Friday Deals Week 2012 will run on our Today's Deals page from November 19 to 25 and feature over 1,000 Lightning Deals--time and quantity limited offers on some of our best products. Missed deals during the week? You can grab them again over the 'Black Friday Reloaded' weekend on November 24 and 25.

There’s also a thread about next Monday’s start of Black Friday Week over at HotUKDeals. Why, you’d expect nothing less would you?


  • Bob
    Back Friday?
  • Haggis
    Back Friday is black.
  • FormerDSGandBestBuyManager
    Back friday? What a bunch of tats..
  • Rich
    Imagine HMRC could have a Black Friday?!
  • zeddy
    #It's good to be black.#
  • badger
  • Jeebus
    "Black Friday" - Amazon should just go all out and sign up John Terry to front the ads - you know it makes sense.
  • shaz
    Once you go Black you never go Back
  • Chris
    @Shaz Apparently, that's what Americans think.
  • Her L.
    Quick! Rush out and buy shit you didn't need then, you don't need now, was overpriced before the sale and is still overpriced. Quick! Buy disposable media like CD's and DVD's, so rather than have them in a convenient digital format you have a shelf full of plastic boxes (or maybe you use a CD wallet? Smart!) and have to do more 90's-style fiddling about than Jimmy Savile. Quick!

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