Amazon criticised after Black Friday sale goods disappear straight away

Bitterwallet - Amazon Black Friday Amazon have mightily pissed off scores of online shoppers following the speed with which their hugely-hyped Black Friday sale ended, with cynics suggesting that stock levels for the sale were both itsy bitsty AND teeny weeny.

The online retail behemoth were plugging the sale from the end of last week, but customers cried foul when some items, such as Take That’s new CD (which was available for only £1.00) sold out within seconds of the sale starting.

Other items in the sale included jewellery, a laptop, console games and DVDs but furious customers couldn’t get the stuff they wanted, with some reportedly describing the sales as a 'con', 'ridiculous' and a 'joke'.

Amazon have stated that: 'offers will take the form of "Lightning Deals" with a limited quantity of an item being offered at a discount for a short period of time”. Hmmm.... so did any of you lot pick up any bargains in the lightning sale from Amazon? Did you have a bash at trying to buy something only to find it had all gone? Share your thoughts and feelings with us. We care.


  • Marky M.
    Yep, I tried to buy a couple of things (the DAB radio and Philips lights) yesterday but listings for both changed to "sold out", well, instantly. On the forums some people claim to have bought a load of stuff. Maybe they're lying, maybe they work for Amazon. Either way, others on the forums are pretty obviously buying it just to stick on ebay afterwards. That's life of course, but it's still tough on genuine bargain hunters.
  • Joff
    I saw a few items that I wasn't really interested in but had I been, could have purchased them there and then. If you're not quick with the 1-Click then you'll miss out, simple as.
  • mizzle
    I got a Take That CD for a quid for the GF. Thanks Amazon for an inexpensive BJ
  • Liam G.
    I bought the chocolates and take that's CD. I had the razor is my basket.. it's certainly possible to get these things :)
  • angry s.
    Aaaww.. the poor liddle lambs didn't manage to get something for next to nothing. Amazon should be prosecuted; don't they know bargains are a human right!
  • Matt
    I waited to see if I could get Vanquish, but the 'bargain' price was the same as the normal price on some other sites. It went in less than 10 seconds anyway. I don't think people are vexed because they're missing out on the bargains, it's because we were expecting the sale to be similar to the US one, where they have plenty of stock and are genuine deals, rather than shameless self-promotion.
  • RazmaTaz
    An absolute con if you ask me. I did everything possible (make sure am signed in, dont have too many tabs open for performance etc) but after clikcing 'buy' I get the 'waiting in the queue' message but nothing happens after that. I dont know anyone who has managed to get a bargain. I normally shop all the time with Amazon but this is a joke!!!
  • qwertyuiop
    angry of scotland, are you so called after your experience of amazon's Black friday shit or did your mammy refuse to sleep with you again? I understand incest is quite common up in the highlands (then again most highlanders probably wouldn't understand the meaning of the word!)
  • Baby
    qwertyuiop = racist
  • Noghar
    I managed to buy one of the Pure Dab radios, because I happened to be looking at the page when the counter went to zero. It's still sitting in my basket, I haven't paid for it yet... because I didn't actually want it. Maybe I'll fob it off on someone for Christmas.
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    This is bare-faced bait advertising, if it was some scabby little company everyone would be quickly and rightly slagging them off.
  • Robin
    Its complete shambles really. Why would they sell same items the following day if their stock finished the day before? It would make it a lot easier to implement their 1-click process to purchase to deter others from just clicking on it for the sake of having it in their basket.
  • Jim
    qwertyuiop clearly has incest on the brain.
  • amazon
    > Why would they sell same items the following day if their stock finished the day before? Because they had a limited number (maybe 1 or 10) that thery were willing to sell at the low price, the rest at the higher price. If you researched the product before buying, then chances are you are going to buy it for the higher price.
  • Amazonian W.
    @Robin They're not selling every item that they have in stock, they are allocating a certain quantity to the lightning deal, after the lightning deal the items are still in stock at full price.
  • Mike
    I saw that they were selling a bundle of Panasonic colour display house phones today at 5pm. Normal price was £80 but I managed to get them for £55 seconds after the deal opened. After quickly paying for them I went back onto the lightning deal page they basically had sold out in less than a minute! Unless your actually waiting for the deal to open, already signed into Amazon and have a pretty fast internet connection you don't stand a hope in hell of bagging any of the deals. Reminds me of the mad rush at the end of an ebay deal trying to out bid someone at the very last second!
  • JackPepsi
    The only two items I wanted were reduced by very low amounts away, the shaver I wanted reduced by £20 - not enough for my liking - hardly a deal like some of the other offers and scabble trickster, im never at home when it has come up - shopped about and got it at tesco for £13 (£7) than Amazon standard price - better than waiting around for amazon for the extra £3 sale price. Basically it taught me to shop around more, bought a lot on play yesterday - who have been cheaper than Amazon on most things, guess the consumer is paying for the lightning sale or Amazon is so focussed on the sale they overlooked there other prices. Would like a new xbox on the cheap mind but then, who wouldnt.....
  • Businessman
    Heard same thing happened at today - special hype sale was supposed to have cheap PS3 but sold out in minute or two thus pissing off everybody
  • John W.
    An example of how quickly these things sell out (sorry about the trial overlay stuff):
  • plop
    That was exactly my experience, John. I was furiously clicking a few seconds before the basket button appeared and still had no luck. As PlatinumPlatypus said, if this were any other store they'd be getting a right slagging from everybody. Remember that cheap iPhone fiasco with that dodgy company earlier in the year? No different to Amazon's setup.
  • Hnnnrg
    Isn't this basically just a Mock Auction? You know, the thing they warned you about on The Real Hustle, where high-value items were offered at knock-down prices and sold to stooges to drum up excitement from the crowd, who'll then get super-twitchy and forget all sense of reason, and buy any shit they can stake claim upon.
  • Joff
    John Warwick, you should have gone for the Philips Imageo Princess lights - no bugger wanted those ;)
  • Borris
    Well it's most certainly getting the Amonzon discussion boards heated up. There are some classy Trolls, sorry I mean Jerks, really getting those that didn't get anything fuming mad. I am using top secret govenment computers of course so I get the internet two seconds before anybody else so win on every deal. At this moment I am playing on my £50 wii on my new £295 40" TV while having a lovely aromatic bath enfused with essential bath bombs (£6.24) illumated by Princess lights. At the same time my trimmed fox (shaver at under £40) is nibling on a box of bargain chocs and reading that foreign book about that spy girl. Shameless luxury! This is the life.
  • Frank W.
    "sold out within seconds" BULL CRAP, try Sold out in MILLISECONDS. All day yesterday, (because I'm stuck in front of the PC anyway), on the screen the "Add to basket" button appeared and instantly said "Sold Out". Only one item went to Queue for maybe half a second. BTW, I am on a solid 2 MB DSL line.
  • Adam
    Yer. I managed to get a camera, a wii for £50 and loads of other things which were later trashed because the price just wasn't right.
  • PokeHerPete
    @Borris - You jerk! Did you buy a new cap to wear backwards and a laptop to hold at an awkward angle too?
  • This B.
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  • Tom
    Have you seen the 'leaked list'? No-one's quite sure how genuine it is, but there's a copy up here: It certainly suggests the items number in the hundreds, with a few exceptions being more like in the tens (e.g. 20 Urban Mover bikes)
  • Darren G.
    @Tom Prices on that list are matching up. wow. the {PRE} prices are incorrect, but the sale ones are correct. D
  • Mark H.
    I managed to get Photoshop Elelments worth £57 for £23 and a £70 watch for £30. I'm happy with that.
  • Boris
    @PokeHerPete I did buy a laptop but it got slippy and I dropped it in the bath. I think this was due to all the Jerking I was doing. Still; I've got and experimental iPad 2 and it's waterproof!
  • Kevin
    Can't use 1-click on this Joff. Lets see. What have I actually bought from it so far? - Nigella 3-pack of books - Fellowes Shredder - Big box of Lego - Beatles Red/Blue album - Lewis Seasons 1-4 DVD boxset Several other things I added to my basket but then tossed back as the deals were just so bad.
  • M&S B.
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