YouTube's Yuletide e-card service for the tight of fist

16 December 2008

I haven't sent a Christmas card in six or seven years now, though not because of environmental concerns or because I was an early adopter of e-cards. In fact I'm just a miserable old sod with few friends and no desire to wish any of them compliments of the season.

Don't let my terminal loneliness and bitter hostility towards Yuletide tradition sway your feelings on the matter. If you've been meaning to wish goodwill to all men but haven't got around to sending your cards yet, YouTube offer a fun twist on the e-card. Select a suitably festive YouTube video (or record your own and upload it), choose a seasonal background, write your message and send it to friends. Voila! Rapping Santas and kittens wearing reindeer antlers, all with hilarious consequences.

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