YouTube comments reach fresh depths of stupidity...

Watch out for 'WTF. IS DIS REAL' appearing all over the intermaweb like some kind of erm, virus thing in the very near future...



  • Internet t.
  • Spark
    It actually says 'Jurassic Park' in the title above the video.
  • yagbu
    Taken from The Huffington Post. Are there any truly original articles on here?
  • no p.
    I assume ‘Jurassic Park’ is some kind of theme park with animatronic animals from the Jurassic period, this Gennaro person is probably one of the actors.
  • Paul S.
    yagbu - you mean apart from the five that have been published here today?
  • Timmo
    @Paul Smith So where did you source this pic then? Presumably you keep your eyes on various blogs/digg/reddit etc in which this story all come up in, so why didnt you link to any of them?
  • Tom P.
    @ Timmo If you're such a smart arse, why don't you apply for a job at BitterWallet?
  • wonky h.
    At least BW is not a couple of weeks behind the times like B3ta seems to be these days.
  • Andy D.
    Hi Timmo, A mate who lives in Canada sent me the jpeg. I assumed he wouldn't be arsed about being credited as my source. Hope that helps.
  • JGN
    when did BW become a novelty news site? pretty lame story to be honest (all 1 sentence of it) reporting something which isnt funny if you are over 12 or have more than 5 gcse's.
  • Peed A.
    JGN - you obviously don't have a GCSE in English. Sort your abuse of the apostrophe out. It's not very hard to learn how to use it properly.
  • Patrick
    Am I missing something? If you dont like this website, don't read it. Is it really that hard to understand? Yet you all still seem to be here, reading and then moaning that it's not to your satisfaction. Get a life, and go somewhere else. Funny article.

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