Woman goes racist and mental in Dunkin' Donuts and man loses it in Wendy's

19 June 2013

It must Idiot Customer Week as a pair of berks have become infamous after their rants were shared online. The first is a remarkable lesson in a human thinking they're the exact centre point of the known universe. A woman in Dunkin' Donuts filmed her own complaint, thinking she was so correct, she'd turn into an internet star.

Did you catch all that? Thanks to a lack of receipt, she went postal because someone had 'crossed a line'. Of course, swearing at staff and calling one of them a "sand nigger" isn't crossing a line at all.

Naturally, the customer thinks that she's righteous and says ""It's all on video, and it's going to be on the internet... I hope it gets a million f**king hits...". Alas, what she didn't bargain on was that it would get so many hits because everyone absolutely hated her. The customer took it offline, but alas, it had already been swiped and it is still on YouTube.

Elsewhere, a man 'lost his shit' because of the difference between a hamburger and a cheeseburger.

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  • Russ
    As well as there being no cheese in his hamburger, there is also no HAM in his hamburger, daft name for something made of beef
  • Hamburglar
    Isn't it because they originated in Hamburg? Otto Kuase, the bloke that ended up driving the bus in the simpsons was the creator. Or it could all be made up.
  • Big M.
    That bitch deserves taking out.
  • shiftynifty
    What a Donut.....(see what I did there...)
  • Yog S.
    And the land of the freaks.
  • JD64
    Surprisingly good sound capture on the second video.
  • Colin
    is that Lucy on the first video
  • Coran
    Bitterwallet have actually found a genuine racist story...they must be so happy..

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