Video shows passenger spitting at taxi driver

Getting a taxi when you're drunk can be a pain for everyone involved. You do your best to make sense, and the driver does their best to deal with people who are hammered. Most of the time, everything goes without a hitch, save for some heartburn and some bad jokes.

However, things can get ugly pretty quickly, and one video has been released which shows a passenger spitting in the face of the driver who came to pick them up.

The taxi picked some people up outside a pub in Newport, Lincoln.

The dashboard camera captures an argument ensuing, after the driver asked the passengers to close one of the doors.

From that, things escalate very quickly, and while the driver's customer service skills are a bit wayward, there's zero excuse for gobbing in someone's face. The driver is also called a 'pig' in the process.

The incident has been reported to the police, and the passenger who did the spitting has got some explaining to do.


  • Fagin
    No excuses for that, drivers got more than just them to pick up & drop off, pissing around with doors only slows you getting to where you want to be! If its late arrivin it's generally the fact that the controllers on the radio are a bit shite (steves taxi's take note, ..but you can do that if you are the bosses girlfriend). Good on the driver for not putting up with drunken wanker histrionics!
  • Henry C.
    What a disgusting cunt of a man. Hopefully the police got a hold of him. I'd have knocked the shit out of the little dwarf prick.
  • Mooch
    She does a brave job, dealing with the hell that is the general public. I'd be really happy if this guy lost his job now.
  • Fagin
    Please do a follow up on this Mof I think there are many who'd like to know the outcome & excuses given of the pathetic little shit bag involved. Doubtless when it go's to court he will be "remorseful" according to his solicitor.
  • Keith t.
    Yeah, I'd like to see him crying in court....
  • danny
    i wonder if he had been an asian male driver what would have happened next... got to be one of the hardest jobs out there which requires massive amounts of patience with extremely difficult people ...
  • Jessie J.
    So his name is Paul and he had been at a funeral. Little fucktard. Glad I got out of customer service a long time ago. Wear my hat low.

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