Video of hoverboard going up in flames

We've all heard about hoverboards (swegboards, balance boards, or whatever you call them) being something of a safety concern. Well, one bloke decided to buy one, and film his first attempt on it.

You can assume that the video was initially supposed to be an exercise in showing someone who amusingly can't operate the thing, and falls off and whatnot.

However, the clip captures the things exploding, of a fashion.

Stephen Lee Nott, who runs the Bule British Youtube channel charged his board up overnight, then took it outside for a spin. Initially, it is just a clip of someone not moving at all.

Then, as you have probably already seen, smoke emerges from one of the wheels, and then, whoosh - flames!

He then pours the contents of a kettle on an electrical fire, which will no doubt catch the attention of some folk out there. Either way, this video doesn't look good for those who have bought a hoverboard and have one in the house.


  • Marvin
    Fake, you can tell by the pixels.
  • Captain.Cretin
    Ré the water pouring, not a problem at the voltages involved, but Lithium battery fires cannot be put out with water, better to cover it with sand and leave it for a few days. Why anyone would buy one when they have been told 90% are at risk of this is beyond me... a tribute to the low average intelligence of the British population. I saw one idiot let his son ride one down a shopping precinct (illegal) and into a crowded store.
  • Father J.
    "He then pours the contents of a kettle on an electrical fire" Which pretty neatly sums up the calibre of individual who rides these devices.
  • Jerec
    I guess thats Karma for being a nob and buying one of these stupid death traps.

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