Video: How to buy a new car and not get screwed

16 October 2008

In this 5 minute somewhat entertaining video from Ignite Seattle, car expert Rob Gruhl presents some tips on buying a new car. Might be worth a check if you're planning to spend some hard earned £££ on your next set of wheels. Unless, of course, it's an Porsche that saves the planet, in which case, just buy one for me too.

Some of Rob's tips are pretty obvious, but there's the occasional gem, like on competitive bidding, and his psychological breakdown of 'feeling like an a**hole' slide. It's kind of pointless, but I'm stealing that slide for my next presentation.

A few things he didn't mention include going to the car dealers at the end of the month when sales reps are trying to hit their monthly quotas, and doing your homework via sites like Yahoo! Autos and CarsDirect to figure out the invoice price for your new ride.

What other tips have you got?

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