UK Power Networks - they might nick your bike

17 April 2015

UK-Power-Network In The Internet Is Full Of Grasses news now, and one man has confronted a UK Power Networks employee, who was filmed (allegedly) trying to steal someone's bike.

A bloke called Paul spied the incident from a window on Caledonian Road, saying that the worker used bolt cutters to chop the lock before throwing the bike into the back of his van.

Paul told "UK Power Networks have been working on the road for quite some time. I was on the phone leaning against the window and one of them wasn't working and looking quite suspicious so my attention falls on him."

"Then he goes over to the bike and cuts the lock. He waited for some time, then he walked back over and took the bike."

At this point, our Paul went outside to have a word and of course, he filmed the whole thin. He asked the UK Power Networks employee why he had the bike in the van. He claims; '"because it was there dumped". However, our gallant hero points out that this is a load of cobblers, leaving the worker to deny cutting the lock and repeatedly saying 'sorry mate'.

A spokesperson for UK Power Networks said: "We take any allegations of wrongdoing extremely seriously and will follow all appropriate procedures to ensure a full investigation is carried out and relevant action is taken."

"We are currently liaising with the person who recorded the film to ensure the matter is resolved."

Have a look at this yourself and you can decide whether or not this bloke is a dirty tea-leaf.


    Fair play to the guy with the phone, he caught the thief red handed, he deserves the sack for this despicable act.
  • Jessie J.
    That's him sacked then, the snide twat.

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