Tippex revival imminent thanks to viral marketing

tipp-ex-pocket-mouse-correction-tape-[pack-10] Tippex eh? Anyone still using that in the so-called ‘digital’ age? No, thought not. Somewhere there’s an abandoned Tippex factory, with ex-Monkee in the middle of it, rocking back and forth in the foetal position as he wonders where his inheritance has gone.

But all that could change, thanks to a new YouTube-based marketing viral interactive video thingy that Tippex have launched and that is sweeping the nation, nay globe, RIGHT BLOODY NOW.

It looks like a simple ad but it’s more, so much more. And yes, the obvious one DOES work.


  • coversnail
    I like "Drunk" !!
  • coversnail
    I'll take that back "Football" is the best!
  • lightning101
  • coversnail
    "Woman" is a smidgeon sexist too, which amuses me.
  • Daniel Z.
    My hunter just got shot! :O
  • David
    it's good but I can't seem to make the bear dance which always looks so cute
  • The B.
    It didn't like fists, felches, rims, golden showers or gets f*cked to death by, it's rubbish.
  • klingelton
    i got ID'd for tippex once in sainsburys. Never bought it since.
  • akiss
    "felches a fox and a bear" doesnt work either. You'd have thought they would have got that one filmed first?
  • akiss
    Sniffs Tippex, thats wat I used to do.
  • Avid K.
    Oh Bitterwallet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • PaganWolf
    It's odd when you put chases.
  • dunfyboy
    If you put "pisses on", the hunter and bear have a pee (and you can see the hunter's stunt cock, which won't please the prudes at youtube). However, if you put "pees on", the bear bum fucks the hunter. Weird. "Rims" returns a 404 error, as does "teabag" but if you type "cums on", the hunter drops trew and wiggles his arse at the bear. "Cuddles" is nice though.
  • Barry B.
    Still the best: http://www.all4beer.com/a4b/virtualbartender2/
  • Fred
    I really enjoyed it. Very creative. Besides the amazing amount of views, we tracked the campaign in the past few days! Here's how it performed: http://bit.ly/tippexcampaign
  • cade
    2 tippex mouse

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