Thank God someone invented beer for dogs

10 November 2011

There's nothing funnier than a drunk animal. Have you seen the drunk squirrel? Until someone invents cat Es, we'll have to make do with Bowser Beer, the beer for dogs.

Sadly, Bowser Beer is non-alcoholic but you could easily rectify that by spiking it with tequila or something. It's $20 for a 6 pack from and is made with malt barley and comes in chicken or beef flavours. Someone needs to invent chicken flavoured beer for humans now.


  • Steve
    So its not beer at all, its a beef drink in a bottle, and you are suggesting adding alcohol into it? Well thats very responsible of you.
  • Dick
    Get a can of Special Brew plus a chicken Oxo Cube. Jone done.
  • Oliver
    Pets at home has sold this for years...
  • Oliver
  • Bazinga
    It's not made from dogs?
  • Guest
    You don't need E's for cats, you've got catnip!

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