Streaming rates slashed to coax YouTube & Pandora back to UK

The original Pandora, accidentally streaming all evil into her face.

So earlier this year both Pandora and YouTube shut down music-streaming operations to the UK following the continual and rabid hassle from the Performing Rights Society over them owing considerable (but as yet unknown) royalties to the (as yet unpublished) artists they represent.

In the face of such undefined yet constant claims for recompense we have undergone a considerable decrease in the amount of access we have to both streaming services.

However, the PRS have just cut the cost of streaming a song from 0.22p to 0.085p, because in their words: "We believe these new streaming rates will stimulate growth in the digital music market and will benefit our licensees and our members."

Presumably they’ve just clocked that some revenue is better than nothing at all. Perhaps they’ve realised such services don’t give a jizz about their earlier demands. YouTube and Pandora have not commented thus far, but I’m supposing that the PRS hopes the price cut means they can re-instigate full service to the UK.

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  • UnGreat
    Uk music industry have a habit of doing the stupidest things. Like suing CDwow for selling legal music CD's to the UK market (meant for the Asian market) at a reasonable price and winning fifty million but killing one of the last websites people like me would have purchased legal music from. Or trying to ban music videos from Youtube when most teenagers use this as a way to suggest music to their friends and then buy the disc/mp3. Tinny sound on youtube is not exactly going to compete with CD's and MP3's for quality.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Get ready for that big twat Pete Waterman now complaining again how he only made £13.59 from the Rick Rolling craze that swept the nation...... poor wanker can only afford 5 meals a day now and has even put the hair dye order on hold.... the heart bleeds.
  • Hairy S.
    I say F**k them. People should download music on torrent sites, if they like what they hear then they can buy a ticket for a gig, if not, then thet at least havent wasted their money on some bullshit manufactured pop music. At least the artists get paid for doing some actual work, dont get me wrong i think artists deserve a lot, however the majority of money spent on CD's etc goes to the record companies, rather than the bands. CD's and MP3's were only introduces because the record companies saw that they were cheaper, unfortunately for them it backfired and made piracy easier. So F**k them.
  • MP3_whore
    PRS=another greed machine "We’re here for music creators" yeah right!
  • Mr S.
    Why isn't there a service where I can just pay for occassional streaming then? I may not pay £10/mth for Spotify premium, but I'd pay £1 for 1,000 streams. I may even pay £1.50 if that's not enough of a margin.
  • Nobby
    0.085p - is that £0.085 (8.5p) or is it really 0.085p? 8.5p to stream a song seems expensive, whereas 11.76 songs for a penny seems decent value.
  • Robert
    Nobby, I think you've just answered your own question! 0.085p is not 8.5p
  • Brad
    Yeah I used to buy from CDwow as they were reliable and cheap. But then again the irony in this sentence from PRS makes me laugh. "Steve Porter CEO PRS for Music said "We were shocked and disappointed to receive a call late this afternoon informing us of Google's drastic action which we believe only punishes British consumers and the songwriters whose interests we protect and represent." Just like the way you punished CDwow, British consumers and songwriters by stopping people legally buying music at a fair price. Then they tack on this line at the end. "Google had revenues of $5.7bn in the last quarter of 2008." Yeah? so what? The reason why they made that much is not bowing to the demands of organisations like PRS.
  • zeddy
    @Hairy Badger Scrotom - what about the artists who don't use a record company? There are a few out their now and people still don't see a need to pay an artist for his work. Incidentally, if that Pandora bird up there had big tits, she'd be perfect.

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