Spy Pen Now Available AND Affordable. Personal Jet Packs To Follow?

Is THIS just not the best thing ever or am I slightly giddy because it’s nearly the weekend?

Finally the future we were promised as kids appears to have arrived with the catchily-titled USB Spy Pocket Video Audio Recorder + MP3 + Flash Drive + Writing Pen - it does exactly what it says on the tin and it even writes as well!

It’ll shoot low res 352x288 video in .avi format, record audio, has a 4GB flash drive… and it even writes as well! There’s a rechargeable lithium ion battery that should hold out for about two hours.

Because, as James Bond famously said, “If you can’t box off a mission in two hours, fuck it.” Plus, it even writes as well!

Sadly, there’s no mention of how deep you can sink the pen itself into the neck of your Communist/al Qaeda enemy during a struggle. If there’s one thing school taught us, it’s that a fountain pen is preferable to a biro for that job every single time.

Plus it’s only £42. Good god, why is this not up on Deals Of The Day? Who writes that rubbish??

Incidentally, this has got nothing to do with anything, but did you know are two spy shops next door to each other in the West End of London (right)? Do you think they spend all their time, you know, spying on each other?


  • Joff
    I'm no architect or even Sarah Beeny so I'm struggling to work out how the floorplan of those two spy shops is designed once you're through the door. Surely the one on the right must be the shallowest shop in history, perhaps just a counter or a phone box with secret elevator that takes you to an underground lair?
  • Joe
    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.17572 There's the same pen but for £20 not £42
  • Andy D.
    £20 Joe!!! It's got to be a load of crap hasn't it?
  • me
    Most stuff like this is imported from hong kong/china etc anyway mate so dealextreme would be my choice. Not the best customer service or delivery times though...
  • Bob
    Pen in the neck? That was Grosse Pointe Blank wasn't it?
  • Nick
    Looks like two different photos stiched together there - click on the picture, and you can see the sign at the top "Trade E"... the word "Entrance" is cut off :)
  • Trev
    Also they is only half a door :P!
  • Joff
    WTF. I feel dirty now. This wouldn't happen at the BBC you know.
  • Jackthewelshman
    lol, funny picture and comments - looks like the picture has been put together, if you look at the middle of the picture up and down for a few seconds it looks weird
  • worto
    lol - yeah the top of the picture give it away for defo. nice one reminding me that spy vs spy existed though - ah flashbacks to a time before work, mortgages, the credit crunch and dirt nappies!
  • Ed
    Believe your eyes. It's two photos placed together. Looks like the one on the right is actually in reality situated on the left of the one on the right of the photo. It has the same black doorway to it's righ that you see on the left of the photo so they are I suppose shops next door to each other.
  • Ed
    Doah, got that a bit muddled, but you see what I mean when you see the black doors with the white arch.

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