Some Apple stew for your eyes

Who wants to see a 30-year history of Apple computers whizz by in just two minutes? ALL OF YOU? Mmm, yes, we thought as much. GO ON THEN, CLICK ON THE PLAY BUTTON BIT!


  • Born2Hula
    Well this is awful. Couldn't we have had 30 years of genocide or varieties of paint or herpes simplex sores? Oh dear, I've just become the guy flaming an apple post....
  • dont h.
    and they still cant get it right
  • The B.
    They're great toys if you want to be all arty farty but you'd want a proper computer if you were doing anything complex.
  • Adebisi
    What the video failed to show was that Steve Job's had sex with Raoul Moat's girlfriend while he was inside
  • Rolly
    Id like to see the PC version of this, then you could match up the dates and see that the Macs were always a year or two behind spec wise... but of course spec doesnt matter because all apple computers run on Steve Job's magic dust (£80 a tin).
  • Uncle C.
    The buggers put graffiti inside my Classic II too. Some wacko called Wozniak had a job for someone or something called Markkula, D'ya think I can get a refund (it still works)?
  • Phil M.
    Cool vid, some classics in there
  • Codify
    Meanwhile, some actual consumer news:
  • The l.
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