So Solid Crew are now selling insurance, like real gangstas

20 September 2013

The recently reformed So Solid Crew are clearly short of a few bob, hence being 'recently reformed'. And, to further the point, SSC's Romeo has re-recorded '21 Seconds' for a commercial, flogging insurance with a robot.

Here's the video.

"It was a strange thing to do as I'm so used to performing the normal verses," Romeo told Digital Spy. "I had fun with it though, that was the main thing. We got to chill with Brian the Robot as well. I was actually fascinated by the thing. I've never actually seen a robot in my life! I wanted to play with the controls and stuff but they wouldn't let me. I'd probably crash it or something."

"It's more accessible for teenagers to buy cars these days," Romeo continued and, without any hint of irony, added: "But whether they can afford to actually insure the car is another thing. That's what we're trying to raise awareness of."


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  • So C.
    Romeo? Is he the one that went to jail for firearms offences and left prison with a rectum you could drive a transit van up?
  • Dr T.
    I'm glad it was for "awareness", I'd hate to think that these people that I have never heard of would just do it for the money.
  • joulupukki
    Inner city losers.

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