Selling is service and service is selling...

10 September 2012

...and once you’ve heard that phrase, you’ll never think about customer relations in the same way again.

Better still, once you’ve had it repeatedly rapped into your brain by the staff of Alaskan tat emporium Once In A Blue Moose in this, their training video, you’ll be equipped with a mantra that will refuse to leave your brain for the rest of the day.

Nice to see an ‘au naturel’ Lady Gaga make a cameo appearance as Moody Hoodie Assistant though…


  • LancerVancer
    What the flying fuck is this!! "Helllooo there Nickiiii, how you doin too-day?" "I'm on my period Biotch, but the cramps are ok!" Whats with the moose antlers on the old biddy?? I need weed after that!!
  • Dick
    I now understand why some people buy baseball bats but no balls.
  • Hex
    What the fuck is wrong with Americans?

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