Rasta announcer is a hit on the Underground!

Journeying on the London Underground is, for the most part, as joyless as it gets, breathing in dead air and flatulence and being ignored by every other scurrying human down there.

And so, someone bring a little sunshine to proceedings is a Tube worker on the Victoria line who toasts like a dancehall MC while doing his announcements.

He says, in the video above: "This train is for all the Brixton crew. Service update, everything irie, everyting cris. Chill out, kick back, no need let anybody cramp your style" before signing off with "Rastaman driver, take these beautiful people to their destination."

Of course, most miserable Londoners don't even acknowledge this fine, cheery man. However, he's becoming something of an online hit thanks to the rest of us who have a vague semblance of heart. Good work that man!


  • chewbacca
    Somebody should shoot the fucking tosser unless the cunt learns to speak English.
  • Archie
    Sack him. No one understands him and he is not doing his job.
  • Nikey H.
    Nigerian... innit ?
  • Yorkshire M.
    Londoners = cunts the lot of them! Known fact...
  • Oh N.
    Yorkshire Northern Monkey you thick pauper cunt! What next some fucking inbred Afghan doing the announcements. Sack the arsehole better still kick the bastard out of the country!
  • chewbacca
    On a serious note, did anyone see the terribly spun "article" on the bbc news website about white flight from londonistan? Look it up, makes for some interesting reading. Their moderators must have had a nightmare with the comments section!
  • Joey J.
    What ever happened to Boris? I was sure he would have something to say on this.
  • Rastaman
    "Chill out, kick back, no need let anybody cramp your style" No-one appears to be listening :-)
  • Sicknote
    To many sub-Saharan non-swimmers working on the tube today.

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