Manchester's secret wee-watchers

25 June 2012

We like businesses that take good care of customers. We like businesses that take the time to get to know consumers so that they can offer them a tailored service. But we think Simple bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter has gone a bit far in the getting-to-know-you stakes.

Eagle-eyed cheshacatcsa filmed this video, showing Simple are, well, watching people pee. In secret.

He even points out that secret filming can't possibly act as a deterrent if no one knows it's there. And he really looked hard for some signs.

We don't know if we have broken a secret fetish ring or not, but if you're in Manchester, or have ever been to Simple, we hope you were wearing clean underwear...

[via @aidenclarkson]

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  • lumoruk
    how about you do some proper journalism and fucking ask them?
  • The G.
    There is a new hidden camera show starting & it is going to be nationwide so, it's probably something to do with that you massive bell end!
  • Spandex B.
    I piss in a bottle. Needs to be an Oasis to fit the old chap in.
  • Mancky
    Simple is on Tib Street ffs, is anyone actually suprised?
  • Monkey T.
    Simple... similar to Simples: it's that bloody Meerkat, the sinister little bastard. I knew there was something up with him, the little cock-watching, smoking-jacketed, insurance-peddling pervert.
  • Pedro
    Who owns this bar? Chuck Berry?

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