Hulu - coming to a (small) screen near you, hopefully

21 May 2009

Not so long ago, Project Kangaroo was set to revolutionise British digital media. It was a video-on-demand service that would have combined the not-inconsiderable forces (and back catalogues) of BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4. Unfortunately, the Office of Fair Trading had other ideas; concerned that such a platform would squash the competition like puny ants, the OFT referred the project to the Competition Commission - a Kangaroo court, if you will - who blocked further progress.

In the three months since that ruling, Hulu has set about filling the void. They're massive news in the US right now, and have been for some time; unlike YouTube, which has so far failed to monetise its service, Hulu (which is backed by Disney and NBC Universal) has found its feet by providing high quality content from current television networks and archive shows, all for free. To be fair, the two are very different services at the moment, though YouTube are scrambling to launch a similar VoD platform.

But Hulu are already ahead. According to The Telegraph, the company is in negotiations with the former Kangaroo services to provide content for their online service in the UK - currently the site is only available to US users. As well as streaming programmes from these three providers, Hulu would also mean access to over 3,000 hours' worth of American shows. Yee-haw.

If the various parties can come together in time, expect another super VoD service in your life to rival the iPlayer - Hulu is aiming for a UK launch in September.

[The Telegraph]


  • Dave
    Who cares. Cracked Proxifier + Cheapo paid Proxy = Hulu + Quornparty.
  • Mike H.
    I hope Kim will look a bit better in 24 than she does in that picture, or I ain't watchin', sort it out bitch.
  • Andy D.
    She doesn't. She looks awful.
  • pauski
    A pre-money shot frame, me thinks.
  • Simon
    Why do you say that Hulu, if launched in the UK, will carry around 3,000 hours of US content? Surely we will still be blocked from all the US content due to rights blahdebollocks.
  • Paul S.
    That's what Hulu are reportedly bringing to the party, so it's not just domestic television / programmes available through BBC Worldwide. Hulu's backed by a couple of big US television networks so they're offering up their content too.
  • Josiah V.
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